How to Get 1000 Twitter Followers Effectively

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twitter logoTwitter is the top most powerful social media website. In this detailed article you will learn how to get 1000+ twitter followers step by step. Getting 1,000+ followers will not just boost your authority, but it will help you gain more traffic online.

I am not a celebrity, but I got 1,000 twitter followers from being a no-body and I follow less than 1000 people. Here’s why I need more twitter followers,

  • I’m a blogger and I need more free traffic
  • I need influenced audience
  • I need more friends who’ll leverage the traffic

This was my goal for getting 1000 REAL twitter follower, at first you must know why you need that number and what you’re going to do with them?

The very common approach to 1,000 followers

Here’s a common scenario of getting twitter followers,

  • Sign up for twitter as
  • Set your profile pic: your logo/ a babe photo/ default pic
  • Description: We sell these products, see:

Your first tweet: Hey, check out our new service at:

Put all of your effort and time and follow 1000 people, hoping that they’ll follow back!

A very few people will follow you back like 20-30 people and after a few while,


Your account has been suspended! Here’s the explanation,

Twitter TOS is against spam activities like posting lots of links, following a lot of people in less time, mass messaging people etc.

Twitter people ignores,

  • Small companies and websites that tries to sell, sell and sell
  • If there are less updates and majority of them are links
  • Incomplete profile and the profile that sells

So you can see that the very common approach of getting 1k followers is a failed attempt and you might lose your twitter brand (

My approach -the effective way of getting 1,000 followers

One thing is set; I need 1000+ followers and only highly active and influenced twitter users of my field. Sign up and get started for twitter.

#1 Create a personal profile

Instead of creating a profile for your company, try to create your own personal twitter profile. Just like I did, Tamal Anwar and who’s the author of BlogKori. At the same way you can create your own: “Your name” and you are the CEO of People love to read from a person, than a company. Use your own picture as the profile pic and add a short bio. When writing a bio, try to add your interests like reading books, social media, your favorite TV show etc.

The perfect and human twitter profile

#2 Follow people & Follow A Lot!

For having 1000 interested twitter followers, you have to be able to handle the same amount of people’s conversations. This is not a quick process; the key is to gain a regular amount of twitter followers everyday. For this, you have to follow some people everyday.

Follow your friends

Lady GAGA on Twitter

Your friends on twitter are the first priority. Follow your friends, web neighbors and co-workers.

Follow the people you love

There are lots of people you know and you’re a fan of. Search for them and follow. From movie stars, to celebrities, from experts to the people you support.

Follow recommended people

When you follow someone, take a look at the people they are following. Follow them. On Fridays, people recommend their favorite people on twitter, follow them too.

Follow back the people who follow you

When someone follows you, take some time to know about them and follow them.

Follow randomly

Follow some people randomly which will allow you to find some really interesting people. Search on twitter for keywords and you’ll find new people to follow.

#3 Un-follow people on twitter (Required!)

To get 1000 interested people, you have to un-follow some people too. The key is to have the maximum mutual followings.

Un-follow automatically

Communit is a service which will allow you to un-follow those people who have un-followed you. Those people didn’t found you interested and this is why you should move on.

Un-follow the annoying people

When you’ll see that some people’s tweets are irrelevant and some people are only posting self promotional links, un-follow those people.

#4 Tweet regularly

The most important part of all is to tweet regularly. The more you appear on twitter, the more the people will read your tweets and click on your link. It’ll make you appeared more on public timeline + other people’s timeline which will help you to get more followers.

Tweet every time

Use Twitter for mobile

Get a twitter client like Tweet Deck (for desktop) and tweet regularly. A lot of people have written a lot about how to write highly optimized and scientific methods of tweets, but that’s non-sense!Twitter is simple and the tip is to write as you’re talking to your friends.

Share your favorites

Share your links and your friend’s links. Share news and what are you doing right now. Share some important message and it’ll benefit others.

Reply to tweets

A lot people in your timeline will ask questions and request for opinions. Reply to them about what you think. They and other people will pay attention to you because you’re paying attention to them.


Instead of writing your tweet, copy some other people’s tweet and it’s called a re-tweet.

Throw questions

Throw questions to your friends and ask for answers. This is a good way to engage twitterers.

Monitor your twitter profile

Monitor your timeline and what they are talking about. Use twitter search and look who are talking about you, your blog/ company.

#5 Get organic twitter followers

If you do all of the things regularly, you’ll eventually get more followers than the number of people you follow. Here are some more tips,

Tweet more often

Widget for Twitter

The more you twitter, the more you’ll appear on the public timeline. That’s a great source of some organic followers.

Get more re-tweets

Your tweets will be re-tweeted too and the way your name will appear on other people’s profile.

Add twitter badge on your site

Add a twitter link/ widget on your blog and ask your visitors to follow you on twitter.

Tweet with the latest post

In wordpress, there are lots of plugins which automatically tweets about your new post. This is a cool way for traffic and followers.

Auto direct messages

Use TweetLater service and enable the auto DM feature. This sends a DM to your new followers. This could be a thank you message or the link to your site.

Fully Automating Twitter Marketing

The main game of twitter is to get more people to follow you. A general rule of the thumb is, you follow people and they will follow back. So it works like this,

#1 you follow a number of people

#2 you wait a few days for them to follow you back naturally

#3 you un-follow the people who are not following back

But, it’s not that simple. This is very time consuming and you will have to invest at least one hour everyday only for following and un-following users. With this approach you will quickly lose interest and end up spending more time than what you are getting back in return.

I have a quick way for you to do this. Use TweetAdder (This is my affiliate link) you should be able to grab a free trial where you can test this out. This software will allow you to auto follow your list and then auto un-follow the people who are not following you. This way within a few weeks you can get hundreds of followers and you will be following less people than who you are following.


What I like best of this software is that after you install and setup your account, it naturally performs your daily twitter tasks. Twitter will think that you are manually using your account.

It’s a serious time saver actually. What I do is to search for people in twitter using my keywords. TweetAdder matches the fields and shows me up the results. I then put the results in follow list and TADA!! My account starts to follow the accounts that I have specified.


If you are running multiple twitter accounts, then I recommend getting a multi user license that will save you money upfront.

Maintaining Your Twitter Reputation

Now that I have covered the part on how to get the number of twitter followers; now why they should care about your tweets? Frankly speaking they don’t care and they have no idea that you exist. This is because the number of people who are following you, out of them only 10% of people will read and maybe share your content. To make that 10% count, you have to follow a plan and build a reputation.

This is what I have come up with. Consistency. The more you show up on people’s stream the more you will gain reputation and people will click on your link. I call it one tweet every hour. You can try your own formula by posting a tweet every half hour but any more than that will be a kill, you will lose it.

You have to make sure that one tweet is worth it and it should not have a link.

Let me explain, if you give your best advice in a tweet and if it doesn’t points to any links, people will stop at it and think about it. In twitter people are used to look at links so they ignore it. You are not a celebrity so they don’t care what you had in lunch, so be helpful.

What I did was to write useful blogging, design and SEO tips. These are the things that I write on my blog. Then I wrote one liner tweets in a notepad. I made a collection of it. I kept writing new tips every time I get a new idea. I kept 100s of them in the notepad. Now the trick is I will broadcast them automatically every hour in twitter.

24 tweets in 24 hours


I will never run out of tweets because I can use my old tweets again because most people haven’t read every tip I posted.

When I follow people, they are from around the world and they are checking their twitter at different times. If they see my face and the useful tweet and they keep seeing it regularly, they will come to my profile and check me out.

To automate this process I will connect my account with HootSuite.

This service allows me to post updates at a future date. What I do is to Put all these tweets in hourly interval and enjoy what I am doing. The best thing is you can schedule a week or even few weeks ahead with tweets. Your twitter followers will see the tweets and they will respond back. When they mention you, all you have to do is to get back to them. Take 10 minutes every day for monitoring your twitter account for the mentions and re-tweets.


When you are sending 24 auto tweets, they are not links. What you now have to do is to post a tweet that point to one of your blog posts. Send 4 links like this every day at 6 hour intervals. Make these auto tweets too.

The benefit is that you will get more clicks because you post enough useful tweets and people are open to you. You will also be able to check when you get more clicks using the analytics tool such as Bitly.

Rinse & Repeat and you will get 1000 followers on twitter

After following these steps you will soon have 1000+ twitter followers.


Twitter is one of the greatest gems of the web 2.0. If they decide to take charge from brands for using it, the big brands will be happy to pay. So try to think why twitter is so much popular and how people are bringing out the best from their followers -and that’s all for free! This is the unique way to send you message to a number of audience in real time, no matter they are in office, train or in home.

Happy Tweeting!

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